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  1. What is this site about?
    This site is an archive for X-Files Slash Fanfiction rated R or NC-17, it's for all the hot, steamy erotic stories! If you're looking for stories focused more on the relationship, check out The Slipper Archive, all stories there are rated G to PG-13.
  2. What is Slash Fanfiction?
    Slash is generally defined as fan fiction featuring romantic pairings of same-sex characters from TV, movies, or other media. If you're still unclear, read T'Mar's What Slash Is.
  3. Are you affiliated with The X-Files, TenThirteen Productions, or the Fox Network?
    Nope. Alex Krycek and all the X-Files characters are owned by TenThirteen Productions and the Fox Network. No copyright infringement intended. I do this as a hobby, not to make money.
  4. Where does the name 'Red Light District' come from?
    In Amsterdam, there's an area that's generally known as the "red light district" from the prostitutes that show off their wares in windows with red lights. Remember the Police song, "Roxanne"? So "red light district" usually means sex and this part of the Basement archive is for stories rated R and NC-17 which usually means sexual, erotic content.
  5. Who are you?
    I am alice ttlg (through the looking glass), I run The Basement, the primary X-Files slash archive, and Vox Populli, where I host a bunch of websites, some slash, some for friends and some of my own.
  6. I want my stories archived here, how do I submit them?
    Check out the submission page to upload your stories to the archive.
  7. But what if my story is rated G or PG or PG-13?
    Then you can submit your story to The Slipper Archive for m/m slash and f/f slash rated G to PG-13.
  8. Hey! I still have more questions, what do I do now?
    Contact me and I'll do my best to give you answers.

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