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Power Play   [ 12k ]   -plain text-
by: Deslea R. Judd     |email|     |website|

Other Pairing ~ Marita/Jeraldine Kallenchuck, Allusions to Krycek/Marita and Krycek/Jeraldine  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  05/25/03
Two formidable women. One powerful man. But who, exactly, is running the show?

On the Outside (Song of the Clone)   [ 79k ]   -plain text-
by: Deslea R. Judd

Other Pairing ~ Samantha/other  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  06/30/98
Colony backstory. Samantha must betray the woman she loves. And why does she hate Mulder? Told in journals, case notes, even Scully's stolen letters.

Animal Awakens: Fire And Rain 1 thru 5, The   [ 53k ]   -plain text-
by: Reddi

Other Pairing ~ Samantha/other  |  Unclassified
R  |  08/31/99
Samantha is found. Scully is lost.

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