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Gabriel   [ 24k ]   -plain text-
by: Ganymede     |email|

Krycek/Other ~ Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  02/05/02
Alex Krycek is in love. It's not a pretty picture.

Gambling Man   [ 8k ]   -plain text-
by: Rose Campion     |email|

Krycek/Doggett  |  Vignette
R  |  08/11/03
Alex gets lucky.

Games I and II   [ 48k ]   -plain text-
by: Merri-Todd Webster     |email|     |website|

Other threesomes ~ Mulder/Scully/Pendrell  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  04/15/00
Mulder and Scully are playing a game, and Mulder wants to bring in a third player. Contains m/f and m/m sex.

Games People Play   [ 14k ]   -plain text-
by: Ratwoman     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  02/15/00
I haven't found a plot yet. If you find one, it would surprise me. And don't take this story serious.( I doubt that anyone would.):-)

Games We Play, The   [ 25k ]   -plain text-
by: Kylara Ingress     |email|     |website|

Frohike/Byers  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  11/05/01
For Halloween, Byers gives Frohike the ultimate 'treat'.

Gangland I thru III   [ 68k ]   -plain text-
by: Te     |email|     |website|

Crossover Pairing  |  Crossover ~ X-Files/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
NC-17  |  04/15/01
Alex Krycek has a plan.

Ganymede's Curse I and II   [ 41k ]   -plain text-
by: Hepaestion     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99

Garbage at the Edge of Dawn   [ 5k ]   -plain text-
by: MustangSally     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99
Boy wants Boy

Gee, Ma, I Wanna Go Home   [ 19k ]   -plain text-
by: Sabine     |email|

Skinner/Doggett  |  Unclassified
R  |  08/31/01
Us idiots, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Gender Bender   [ 75k ]   -plain text-
by: Cappuccino     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  08/31/01

Gentle Hand, A   [ 26k ]   -plain text-
by: Cathy Lee     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98
Nonconsensual sex. Set during *Anasazi*.

Gentleman's Word, A   [ 58k ]   -plain text-
by: Loren Q     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/15/00
Sometime between Red and the Black and Fight the Future, Krycek and Mulder are thrown together on a mission.
LeK Nominee

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes   [ 56k ]   -plain text-
by: Halrloprillalar     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
R  |  09/30/99
A bachelor party. And other stuff.
Wirerims NomineeSpooky Nominee

Get Here   [ 12k ]   -plain text-
by: Flutesong     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Romance, Relationship, Angst, Vignette
R  |  02/19/03

Getaway I and II   [ 124k ]   -plain text-
by: A Leigh-Anne Childe     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98
PWP: a pure, self-indulgent exercise in Mulder and Skinner appreciation.
Wirerims Nominee

Getting a Life   [ 256k ]   -plain text-
by: Josan     |email|

Skinner/Krycek  |  Story
NC-17  |  05/04/02
BACKGROUND: After I posted IN DEATH, THERE IS LIFE, many of you wanted to know what happened to Walter Skinner in his new role as father to Zander. That particular story has a certain association for me, so, apart from ENDINGS, which gently touches on the distant future, I will not ever be returning to this particular pairing, ever again. However, that said, I too wondered what would happen to Walter in that situation. So, in a blatant plagiarization of my story, I decided to investigate. Hope you enjoy it as well. One more thing: Doctor Joseph Fischer, MD, Colonel, Marine Corps, Retired is making a guest appearance. Many of you have inquired about him so he's back too.

Getting Better   [ 10k ]   -plain text-
by: Alicia     |email|

Mulder/Skinner/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  09/30/99

Getting Some Rest I and II   [ 88k ]   -plain text-
by: BelieverXX     |email|

Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
R  |  09/30/99
Skinner offers Mulder his couch to get some rest. But both of them get more than they'd expected

Getting to Know You   [ 8k ]   -plain text-
by: Shamrock     |email|

Frohike/Byers  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  10/30/04
Companion piece to "Out of Options", this time from the point of view of one John Fitzgerald Byers.

Ghost of a Chance, A   [ 172k ]   -plain text-
by: LavenderJade     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Scully/Skinner  |  Drama, Romance
NC-17  |  07/24/05
After 'Avatar,' Skinner moves into a new apartment, but a previous resident hasn't quite moved out yet.

Ghosts and Liars   [ 28k ]   -plain text-
by: Joleigh     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  PWP
NC-17  |  09/12/04
First time fic

Gift   [ 32k ]   -plain text-
by: JiM     |email|     |website|

Skinner/Krycek ~ Sk/other  |  Drama, Relationship
R  |  08/02/04
Walter gets a gift AND he gets laid.

Gift Box   [ 46k ]   -plain text-
by: Rachel Lee Arlington     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98
Mulder in a confined space with a naked Krycek.

Gift of the Third Magi   [ 32k ]   -plain text-
by: Ursula     |email|     |website|

Skinner/Krycek  |  Romance, Relationship, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Denial Fic
NC-17  |  10/08/03  |  Sequel to Tunisian Myrrh
Skinner can find no rest after a remembered scent wakens old feelings for someone he believed lost.

Gift of the Truth, The   [ 14k ]   -plain text-
by: Donna Milan     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  07/31/98

Gift, A   [ 31k ]   -plain text-
by: Jackie

Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98
Mulder celebrates his 37th birthday.

Gifts   [ 17k ]   -plain text-
by: Te     |email|     |website|

Unclassified  |  Unclassified
R  |  09/30/99
Christmas schmoop

Girl Can Always Dream   [ 19k ]   -plain text-
by: Maggie M     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/10/01
Takes part during this "conference scene" in Requiem. And no, it's not an orgy.

Giving Thanks   [ 14k ]   -plain text-
by: Mick C     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  07/31/98
Thanksgiving story.

Glade of Quest   [ 44k ]   -plain text-
by: kaNd     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  AU (Alternate Universe)
NC-17  |  04/27/03
Love works magic but you need some ingredients first.

Glamour   [ 16k ]   -plain text-
by: Subsume     |email|

Mulder/Other  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98

Glass   [ 11k ]   -plain text-
by: Elizabeth Marshall     |email|

Skinner/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  12/31/01
Alex is hurt; Walter comforts him.

Glimmers of Light   [ 80k ]   -plain text-
by: Ursula     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek ~ Mulder and Krycek Starsky and Hutch ~ Starsky/Hutch  |  Drama, Romance, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Crossover ~ Starsky and Hutch
NC-17  |  08/16/02
This is the sequel to Darkness, Darkness. Mulder and Krycek are partners again working against the aliens. Starsky and Hutch brought forward to present day are new allies.

Glory Hole   [ 16k ]   -plain text-
by: Jill

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98

Gnome is where the heart is, Cherry Blossom, 1/3   [ 32k ]   -plain text-
by: laurel     |email|

Skinner/Krycek ~ Mulder/Scully  |  Humor, Story, Romance, AU (Alternate Universe)
NC-17  |  08/16/03
Alex receives a garden gift from his neighbor Mr. Spender, but looks are deceiving.

Gnome is where the heart is, Rose red 3/3   [ 44k ]   -plain text-
by: laurel     |email|

Skinner/Krycek ~ Mulder/Scully  |  Drama, Humor, Story, Romance, Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, AU (Alternate Universe), Character Death
R  |  08/16/03
The boys break into Spender's greenhouse and find many pleasant and not so pleasant surprises. Dana keeps Spender occupied while they're on their mission and meets Mr. X. when she attempts a rescue.

Gnome is where the heart is, Snow white, 2/3   [ 24k ]   -plain text-
by: laurel     |email|

Skinner/Krycek ~ Mulder/Scully  |  Humor, Story, Romance, PWP, Domestic Discipline, AU (Alternate Universe)
NC-17  |  08/16/03
Fox meets Alex's new beau. Alex and Walter play some bedroom games. And the boys are about to embark on an adventure.

Go Now I and II   [ 21k ]   -plain text-
by: Tirinar     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  12/31/99
Post Abduction. Alex goes to see Fox.

Gobsmacked   [ 280k ]   -plain text-
by: XScribe     |email|

Mulder/Other  |  Story
NC-17  |  12/31/04
Mulder had more than one reason behind his reluctance to discuss his experiences at Oxford. He preferred not to acknowledge the outcome of his failed liaison with Phoebe Green, nor was he willing to share the account of the very deep relationship that developed between him and his best friend.

Goddess of Small Things, The   [ 175k ]   -plain text-
by: Deborah     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, AU (Alternate Universe)
NC-17  |  08/31/06  |  Sequel to Egg
Fantasy AU which accepts canon up to Alex Krycek helping Scully escape the aliens with Reyes, after that things are quite different. It's the sequel to 'Egg', but is quite a different story in tone. It's much darker. Into the main ingredient of our star-crossed lovers I've added a large heaping of angst, sorrow, hurt, and pain, but there's also large doses of comfort, tenderness, humor and sex with a happy ending.

Goin' Commando   [ 21k ]   -offsite-
by: Surreal     |email|     |website|

Langly/Byers  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  04/07/03

Going Down   [ 5k ]   -plain text-
by: Jill

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98
Short story challenge. Substitute stapler for eggbeater.

Going Places   [ 91k ]   -plain text-
by: Slash Double Date Club     |email|

Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99
Mulder and Skinner go abroad in pursuit of a mysterious and murderous creature.

Going to the Chapel (a story in the 21 Day Plan Universe)   [ 76k ]   -plain text-
by: Rose Campion     |email|

Mulder/Doggett  |  Romance, Relationship
NC-17  |  03/08/03  |  Sequel to Twenty-one Day Plan, The
A wedding invitation. A trip home. And relatives. Lots of relatives.

Goldengrove Unleaving   [ 8k ]   -plain text-
by: Nonie Rider     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  09/30/99
An early fall. Mulder, two suspects, Krycek, and a gun. This should be classified as an AU, because I refuse to let one of our sweet boys die for real.

Gone To The Dogs   [ 48k ]   -plain text-
by: Ursula     |email|     |website|

Skinner/Krycek ~ Sk/K/M  |  Drama, Story, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
NC-17  |  04/15/02
Walter Skinner is trying to find himself at a friend's Bloodhound Kennel, but he finds more than he expected.

Gone With The Sin   [ 4k ]   -plain text-
by: Ratwoman     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  08/15/00
A Mulder-vignette

Goober and the Czar   [ 95k ]   -plain text-
by: DBKate     |email|     |website|

Pendrell/anyone ~ Krycek/Pendrell  |  Unclassified
R  |  07/31/98
The amazing adventures of Special Agents Alex Krycek and Brian Pendrell as they endeavor to solve the mysterious case of extortionist extraordinaire, Chuckles D. Clown.

Good Talking To, A   [ 28k ]   -plain text-
by: Xanthe     |email|     |website|

Unclassified  |  Unclassified
R  |  05/15/01
Our two agents are called into Skinner's office for a dressing down.

Gospels I thru III   [ 66k ]   -plain text-
by: Spike     |email|     |website|

Any LGM/Other ~ Krycek/Byers, Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99
Krycek spends a night at Lone Gunman HQ

Great Bear   [ 36k ]   -plain text-
by: Alison     |email|     |website|

Langly/Byers  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  06/26/02
Post-ep for Diagnosis Jimmy: angst on the journey back to Washington

Great Man, A   [ 12k ]   -plain text-
by: Sue     |email|     |website|

Spender/anyone ~ Krycek/Spender  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99
Spender deals with the aftermath of his encounter with an alien rebel.

Greater Sins I and II   [ 61k ]   -plain text-
by: Te     |email|     |website|

Crossover Pairing  |  Crossover ~ X-Files/Highlander
NC-17  |  04/15/01
Methos runs across Alex Krycek.

Greek God Series - Chapter 1 - Ares   [ 132k ]   -plain text-
by: Kendall     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner/Krycek  |  Romance, Relationship, Domestic Discipline
R  |  04/09/04
Mulder searches for the missing Rat.and enlists Skinner's help.

Greek God Series - Chapter 2 - Hestia   [ 92k ]   -plain text-
by: Kendall     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner/Krycek  |  Relationship, Domestic Discipline
NC-17  |  05/14/04
The boys try to figure out what it takes to become a family.

Greek God Series - Chapter 3 - Hera   [ 52k ]   -plain text-
by: Kendall     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner/Krycek  |  Relationship, Domestic Discipline
NC-17  |  05/17/04
The Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth gets her turn at running the boy's lives.

Greek God Series - Chapter 4 - Deimos   [ 152k ]   -plain text-
by: Kendall     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner/Krycek  |  Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Domestic Discipline
NC-17  |  06/18/04
Deimos, the God of Fear, gets a chance to play havoc with the boys lives

Green Eyed Monster   [ 335k ]   -plain text-
by: Aries     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99
An agent from Alex's academy days, appears briefly and stirs up some trouble for our boys. Schmoop and angst abound.
LeK Nominee

Green Eyed Monster: Interlude   [ 10k ]   -plain text-
by: Aries     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  02/15/01
Ori decided a couple of days ago that it was time for an Infernale Challenge. She wanted to do something involving a garden, so here's my offering. I turned it into a Green Eyed Monster interlude since I hadn't done anything in that universe in a long time, and, conveniently enough, Alex has a garden there. Oh, and hey, Nic? Ori? It's SHORT! pthttbtbtttt

Green Eyes   [ 4k ]   -plain text-
by: Lady Midath     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  01/01/05
Mulder awaits his lover for the final kiss

Green Eyes   [ 5k ]   -plain text-
by: Aqualegia     |email|     |website|

Skinner/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  02/15/00
Skinner/Krycek January 2000 Dream challenge
Wirerims Nominee

Green I thru III   [ 94k ]   -plain text-
by: Viridian5     |email|     |website|

Pendrell/anyone ~ Krycek/Pendrell/Mulder  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99
A mouse and a Rat disturb the ordered peace of Pendrell's lab.

Green Vignette: The Wearing of the Green   [ 6k ]   -plain text-
by: Viridian5     |email|     |website|

Pendrell/anyone ~ Pendrell/Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  04/15/00
Pendrell has a St. Patrick's Day surprise waiting for him.

Grey Zone I thru III   [ 75k ]   -plain text-
by: Palinurus     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/31/98
Our agent, encouraged by his boss, explores new possibilities.
Wirerims Nominee

Grievances Foregone   [ 26k ]   -plain text-
by: RyeXF     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  09/30/99
Krycek contemplates the intricacies of betrayal, time, and planning.

Grokking in Fullness   [ 7k ]   -plain text-
by: Halrloprillalar     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
R  |  09/30/99
Winter getaway.

Grouchings of a Grognard G-Man   [ 8k ]   -plain text-
by: Marcia Elena     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Humor
R  |  05/30/02
Agents Mulder and Krycek go on a stakeout.

Ground Swell   [ 4k ]   -plain text-
by: Deborah     |email|     |website|

Skinner/Krycek  |  Romance, Vignette
R  |  09/12/06
Walt and Alex in an established relationship go house site hunting.

Growing up is hard to do   [ 32k ]   -plain text-
by: Claire Dobbin     |email|

Skinner/Krycek  |  Relationship
NC-17  |  04/28/03
Another part of the 'Making the Future' universe. Alex and Walter endure the anxiety of seeing Alexander through his first Christmas Nativity play at Hillcrest private school. And a surprise! Angsty, in a good kind of way.

Guardian   [ 136k ]   -plain text-
by: Sugar Rush     |email|

Mulder/Krycek  |  AU (Alternate Universe)
NC-17  |  03/25/02

Guilt Edged I and II   [ 441k ]   -plain text-
by: Dr Ruthless     |email|     |website|

Unclassified  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  07/05/01
This story is my response to a challenge. Why does Krycek behave as he does at Tunguska. Why did he not run away when Mulder went under the wire? It's not for the faint hearted. No schmoop here.

Guilt Trips   [ 20k ]   -plain text-
by: m butterfly     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Skinner  |  Unclassified
R  |  04/15/01
Mulder, Scully and Skinner dwell on their thoughts and actions following a near-fatal mishap in North Carolina.

Guilty Pleasures   [ 51k ]   -plain text-
by: Garnet     |email|     |website|

Mulder/Krycek  |  Unclassified
NC-17  |  11/15/00
Krycek holes up in a motel room after shooting Mulder's father

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